Started with Robinhood

I started investing in on the stock market initially, using an app called > Robinhood < Click link to check out the APP. It is a commission free trading platform. It is a pretty great tool for those who are young and or are just started investing. I wouldn’t exactly call it the best platform out there. But I have been very fortunate to make some quite a bit of profit while trading on this platform.

I hadn’t really know much about what I was doing and didn’t know what to invest in. So I started blinded buying and trading and have done pretty well. That is all well and good and it has been fun to watch how everything has played out. Some good, some not so good. That comes with the learning curve I think.

Moving on though. They have a few Cryptocurrecies available to buy and sell. I have done pretty well with my investments there as well. Bitcoin(ticker symbol BTC"), Ethereum(ticker symbol ETC), LItecoin(ticker symbol LTC) to name a few.

What Robinhood has to offer and what someone can do with it is fantastic. The only down side that I could see to their platform is that, as of right now, no crypto wallet can be used to withdrawl or deposit crypto. Which might not be all that big of a deal to an average platform user.

Since this isn’t an option for their platform I started looking around at other platforms and diving into the world of crypto. It was not something that I had a major interest in at first. But as I kept diving into different areas of crypto I have become enormously interested in learning all that there is to learn about the stuff.

So this is more or less a started blog for this particular topic on my website.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

If you have any insight or information that you would like to share with please don’t hesitate.