Holding myself to higher standard


"Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself." - Henry Ward Beecher

There has been ups and downs to the standards that I have held myself too.

Like working out for example. I can say that I have made working out a priority for the last few years.

But what has my standard been?

I can honestly say, that when I first started getting into a fitness routine, my standards were a lot higher than they have been lately.

Early on the progress was invigorating. But the momentum slowly started to dwindle. Somewhere along the line I forgot the high standards that I had set for myself.

I forgot about how good it felt to be in synch with every part of myself. The mind, body, and spirit. Not feeling some distinct separation of each individual part grated against the others. Feeling whole. Feeling at perfect peace and ease.

My body aches from working out lately. But it's a good kind of ache. It feels soo good to get back into it.

Holding myself to higher standard

Today is the day!

Every morning your feet hit the floor
Tell yourself TODAY could be the day
Today could be the day I turn my world upside down… For the better
Today could be the day everything changes

And your whole entire life could change forever

You want a better life?
A better job?
Your own company?
More money?
More happiness?
A better, stronger body?
A better relationship?

You can have it all.

If you just decide today
That you will no longer settle for average

What if you set a goal today, and actually COMMITTED to taking action NOW
To improve every area of your life for the next 90 days.
Do you think you could become the greatest version of yourself?
You bet your bottom dollar you could!

We are talking about REAL COMMITTMENT


If you are COMMITTED
And CONSISTENT day in day out.

But you know how the story goes…
What usually happens?
Life gets in the way doesn’t it?
Friends and family might get in the way, maybe not intentionally… but hey, they want you to go out with them…
Have a little bit fun…
Go to wedding, Have a few drinks…
Oh come on, one day off won’t hurt your progress will it?

Well do you want this or don’t you?
It is perfectly OK to say NO
You can say no thank you, I’d rather be strong

What about other life issues that will get in the way?
You got bills to pay, things to do around the house, relationship problems…


Yeah let me tell you something
That word “later” ALMOST ALWAYS turns into another word … NEVER.

Sometimes we tend to ramble on a lot about the haters, the doubters, the naysayers right.
But really, there is no greater obstacle in your way than your own self.
That story you made up to yourself about why you can’t do this and can’t do that
Listen to me
The only thing keeping you from your dreams is YOURSELF. Nothing Else!

It only takes ONE MOMENT To make a decision.
Never again will i settle
Never again will i accept anything but FIRST PLACE.
ONE MOMENT to separate myself from the rest.

You have to change your habits
If your habit is always to TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW then your results will sky rocket , i guarantee it
If your habit is always tomorrow, you will be the guy that is saying tomorrow until there are no tomorrows left!

Today is the day
Today is the day
Today is the day

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

-Walt Disney

Ever think about your dreams and then have that little Negitive Nancy voice in the back of your mind whisper a silent scream "That's not possible for me" ?

Guess what. All that voice needs is a reply. "Why not me?" Reply with every reason you can think of how ever small or big. And then act from that place accordingly.

Have courage enough to pursue!

If you defend you limitations you get to keep them

Action conquers doubt

​"Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."-Zig Ziglar

Aptitude is an interesting thing.

Having a natural ability to do something. If it's already natural, it's already normal.

And don't get me wrong here, if your altitude is already above average that you might have an advantage.

But if your attitude says "I have already arrived" rather than "I can always aim higher" than can you see how your attitude can either give or take the natural advantages away?

Quote of the day: Josesph Addison


Quote of the Day: "A (wo)man should always consider how much he has more than he wants." - Joseph Addison


I think to "want" is pretty natural. But there is something to be said about showing and expressing gratitude for those things that we actually have.

Here is something to think about. What if tomorrow you woke up and the only things that you had were things that you had showed and or expressed gratitude for the night before?


What would you still have?



"We often forget that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us. So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we have lost our connection to ourselves.""


I may have borrowed this quote from @jrose.strong4life. 😉😉

She posted it as the caption of one of her recent adventures of reconnecting with nature.

I saw it and wanted to also share the words of wisdom!

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the auto piloted ins and outs of everyday life.

Like have you ever been driving to work and then got to work and had that odd feeling of "Who was driving? I have no conscious recollection of the actual drive." Obviously you were the one who drove. But on auto pilot.

Go out and put your feet on the ground. Feel the grass or sand between your toes. Take it all in. Find yourself right where your feet are.

Quote of the Day: Publilius Syrus


Quote of the Day: "Each day is the scholar of yesterday." - Publilius Syrus


Each day is an opportunity to learn. Reaping what we sow. If we are wanting to enjoy the reaping then we most definitely need to make sure we do not forget to sow.

The seeds we plant bare fruit only if we plant them.


What seeds are you planting? How's the soil? Are those seedlings going to get the right amount of light?

We might not be able to control whether a seed, once planted, will grow. But we can make sure that seed has the best possible conditions before it's planted. 

It take some work. But its worth it.

Spiritual narcolepsy?

Spiritual narcolepsy?

Quote of the Day: "Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." - Richard Wright

It really is an interesting thing. To be so oblivious for so long. Like being waking up and not remembering ever going to sleep. 


Spiritual narcolepsy? It's a term that I think is pretty appropriate. 


Spirituality to me means be 100% comfortable being exactly who I am. Not wishing I was anything more and not pretending like I am anything less. 


Now thats self-realization.

To be able to change our conditions?

To be able to change our conditions?

So over the Last few years I have been working in the downtown Boise Idaho area. I have wrote before about my experience of cooking at Solid as I was going through the Ada County Drug Court program. I am truly grateful for everything that the owner of Solid has done for me. I am not so sure that I would have been as successful in drug court with out his support during and after I graduated. I have been on this path for some time now.

What is the deal with the Klever Design?

What is the deal with the Klever Design?

So here is the deal. It has recently started getting nice enough to get out on my paddle board more often. I had to swoop up another one of those Idaho Invasive Species stickers for this season. So I stopped by Idaho River Sports , a local river sports shop here in Boise, Idaho. I grabbed a few things while I was there. One of the things that I picked up was a Kavu KLEAR ABOVE hat. And I literally said out loud “Klear above? Spelled with a K? Huh that is super clever!” Then I immediately said “Ohhh man I am going to make a hat that says ‘Klever’ Clever with a K!”

I started to chuckle a little bit to myself and went home and started working on a design. and so far I have two designs and I am working on a couple others.

When I first started this blog I thought that DOPELESS NOT HOPELESS was super clever.

I run this website because I am passionate about writing. I have tried a few different approaches to how I allow myself to have a voice. I am a lot more involved on my social media platforms, Instagram in particular. But I would like to be able to devote more time to the website. To be able to that I need to be able to have the website bringing in some income. If you have ever ran a website or a blog you probably know that it can be costly. So i have added a few items that my audience can purchase to help support me with this website. I am sure that I will add more hats and shirt designs as time goes on. But just know that I am just trying to add more value to the people that I get to connect with. I believe that with one person a whisper can become a roar. so help my whisper be heard by more people! tell your friends about the Klever hats. Tell your friends about the Dopeless Not Hopless guy!

Take a look in the mirror.

Each challenge that you face is a giant mirror.


To let you look back at yourself, to see all of the greatness that you have inside of you.

That mirror is asking you if you are going to do what it takes to bring what's already inside of you to the surface.

Not so that others can see how great you are. But so that you know how great you are!

It's time to grow through what you go through.

"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves." - Edmund Hillary

Quote of the Day: "It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves." - Edmund Hillary

Sometimes we are too hyper focused on the destination.

Don't get me wrong. If we don't know where we are going any road will take us there.

But who we become during the journey is far more important. Don't look for short cuts. Trust the process.

You'll never know what you might miss by taking that short cut. You never know who might miss out on what you can offer because you wanted to get there quicker.

I don't want to be asking on my death bed "What if?"

Do you?

Ocean Defenders Alliance.

For my birthday this year, I'm asking for donations to Ocean Defenders Alliance. I've chosen this nonprofit because their mission means a lot to me, and I hope you'll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me. Every little bit will help me reach my goal. I've included information about Ocean Defenders Alliance below.

Ocean Defenders Alliance works to clean and protect marine ecosystems through documentation, education, and meaningful action. Working with affected communities, we focus primarily on the reduction and removal of man-made debris which poses serious threats to ocean wildlife and habitats.


What if Oxycontin had a point of view. What if Oxycontin had an opinion.

What if Oxycontin had a point of view. What if Oxycontin had an opinion.

So I had this weird thought.

What if drugs had opinions? What if they could tell you about how they view the world from their point of view?

Imagine. Oxycontin’s point of view?

Oxycontin: “All I have ever wanted to do is help people. That is why I am here. To ease the pain of people who are suffering. Like really suffering. But who am I to say what ‘Suffering’ is? How many people would have taken their own life if I hadn’t been there? Can you imagine being mad at a nail gun that was used in building the house that a tornado tore down? I am just little old me. You really could be mad at me, in the same way one might be mad at a nail gun used to create someones safe haven. But it wouldn’t make sense. it was the tornado that tore down the safe haven. Sure someone could use a nail gun to do terrible damage. But that wasn’t why it was created was it? Of course it wasn’t. We don’t even have to ask that question. And I wasn’t created to do terrible damage either."

Interviewer: “So applying the train of thinking or metaphor if you will, what is the Tornado?”

Oxycontin: “That is quite an interesting question. I think that, for most people, the tornado varies. I am not so sure that tornado is really the best thing to use as a metaphor in regards to the circumstance that I often find myself in. Tornado’s are sudden. Often coming with little or no notice. I think a proper metaphor to use with me like the frog in a pot of water. If the frog hopped in to the pot of water while it was boiling it would know well enough to hop right back out. But if that frog were to hop into a pot with luke-warm water, that frog might be more inclined to stay a while. Imagine then, slowly turning the heat up? So slowly that the frog isn’t consciously aware of the increasing danger? What would happen?”

Interviewer: “Well eventually the frog would jump out because it would be too hot right?”

Oxycontin: “That would be the rational thing to do. But pain isn’t really rational. It needs to be sudden, abrupt, for the conscious mind to realize the danger. The ability to adapt to the environment is all well and good. And sometimes it is absolutely necessary. But this particular scenario is not so much about adapting to an environment as it is about the comfort of the particular environment.”

Interviewer:  “How would boiling to death be about comfort?”

Oxycontin:  “Oh don’t misunderstand me. I am just saying that if you were so comfortable that you didn’t realize that you were killing yourself why would you want to do anything different?

Interviewer:  “How could you not know that you were killing yourself?”

Oxycontin: “How could you know that you are actually living?”

I have no idea exactly what sparked this strange idea.

Actually I have an idea.


Quote of the day: Ken Blanchard

"The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority."

-Ken Blanchard

We aren't people that want to pull anyone in any particular direction. We want to be people that push other in the direction they already want to go.

I was told once, by someone that has a lot more influence then they give themselves credit for, that willingness is a byproduct of the actions.

It's not this seemingly overwhelming feeling that come rushing out in a constant stream. But they consistency of action creates the momentum to keep moving even when we don't particularly want to.

Keep moving. Keep pushing. And become a person of influence.