How have I made you feel?

Worth can not be compared to things or riches. No matter what world or from whatever amount of time those things or riches may have to accumulate.


Bogus Solo hike.

Bogus Solo hike.

Because my worth is right now. At any given moment. That moment is now.


The value has to be internalized. 


My worth can then be  projected into every area of my life. Into my friendships, my relationships, the way I treat people. The way I treat my mind, body, and soul.


Your mind, body, and soul.

You truly can not put a price tag on those things. When death finds me waiting, my worth will not be determined by the riches and things that are left behind. 


Forgotten over time, things with price tags. 




But how have I made you feel?

Was I Gentle or not so gentle with a soul so fragile? 


Are we in debt where these concepts are concerned? 


I know for me personally, I never ever want to feel as bankrupt as I have felt when I've had careless disregard for the feelings of those around me.


Hiding behind a facade of being carefree and content, while dying inside.