Creative spaces bring you to beautiful places. (Part 1)

So I went on a hike the other day, up in the Boise foothills, with a friend. We had been hiking along and she noticed a big beetle in the middle of the path we were on. She then tells me “Oh cool a beetle. That is the second time I have seen a beetle today.” And It was really cool because we kept seeing them all over. We then chatted about how there is probably some sort of symbolism behind it.

I have always liked looking into symbolism, omens and things of that nature. Things that might seem random and unimportant to some but tremendously curious and thought invoking to others.  My instinct was to go for my phone and go straight to google and try to look it up. But we had left our phones back at the car. We had went on the hike to get grounded. To feel the earth beneath our feet. To be present and in the moment. To move our bodies. To feel the burn in our legs from going up hill.

I know that she had pointed it out originally and that, at first, my interest was to look it up and gain more insight into her as a person. to understand what was going on in her life and in her mind. As they kept popping up around us I began to get more and more curious about what it could mean for myself. Could these beetles be trying to tell her and I both something? 

A few days have gone by since that hike. I did a bit of looking around and found some pretty interesting things in regards to the symbolism of beetles. My plan, for the next couple of blogs I write, is to go into is my own thoughts and insight and to let my readers dive into my mind. 

One of the first things that I found was that they can be a symbolic representation of progress. I imagine progress can look different from person to person but for me it generally means looking at myself and acknowledging that I might not be the me that I think I am. While in that moment of awareness and vulnerability, everything that I think I am seems to fall away. Until I form yet another idea or opinion of who and what I am. With progress the old falls away like a leaf in the fall so the in the spring a new one can replace it with just as much beauty and vibrant color.