Dopeless Not Hopeless


I started @dopelessnothopeless a while back.

I liked the way it sounded.

It's been interested, trying to navigate relationships in recovery.

Have you heard people say things like "Finances And romances. The number one things that take people back out."?

Well it makes sense. To some extent. Both of those things played a part in why I used and drank like I did.

Emotions? Who wants to deal with those nasty things?
Be vulnerable? Who are you kidding?

What if they see who I really am? And what if that's not good enough?

Fear of losing the people we love can be crippling.

But people aren't ours to own. The love we have is ours and if it isn't freely given is it really love?

Love may be unconditional but that doesn't mean relationships are.

If you can't handle me at my worse... Well I don't blame you that guy was a hot mess.

I am enough. I have some hope.I don't need the dope. Hold On Pain Ends. And more of a luke warm mess now

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