"Shoulds" to "Musts"


Tony Robbins  talks about how our lives can improve in incredible leaps when we change our "Shoulds" to "Musts"

And how to raise from our current circumstances we must  raise our standards.

I was thinking about this today. How I have some pretty lofty ideals. Standards that I am aiming towards. Standards that I often use as the stick to beat myself when I fall short of meeting those standards.

I inevitably fall. But I always get back up.

Isn't it interesting how we do that kind of thing? How we put effort achieving these worthy (sometimes even lofty) ideals? And then beat ourselves down?

Well guess what? We are going to fall down. We are fallible. It's  part of being human. It's part of the endless possibilities for growth.

It's the willingness and the effort that creates momentum. So we might as well being creating that momentum moving in the direction we want to go.

Don't be afraid to fall. Because even when we fall, at least we are falling in the direction we want to go.

But ask yourself "Do I know the direction I am going?"

If not any road will take you there.