Agreement Numer 2 "Don't take things personal."


Round two!
Agreement Number Two?
”Don't take anything personal.”

Man this one tho huh?

It seems to be easier said than done.

I was listening to a relationship oriented podcast the other day. They had a licensed relationship counselor on their show as the guest and it was actually a really great episode. It was a normal conversation for the most part but there was this one part where the gal had made a comment about social media and people who use filters on their photos.

Being someone who definitely uses filters on most of my photos, I found myself wanting to defend myself. Lol Wasting time and energy having a conversation in my head with someone I've never met. Someone who has no influence in my life without my permission.

So this Agreement to not take things personal extends to everyone that I allow into my life. But it also extends to my own thoughts about myself as well.

Jumping right in the middle of the cycle. The world, everything, and everyone in it, is a mirror.

Is the "I" or "Me" so attached to effects produced by the outside?

The saying "I am not what you think I am. You are what you think I am." Comes to mind. And reverse engineering suggests that the opposite is just as true.

So just love.

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