Round 3 "Don't make assumptions"

#newink  cr:  @tattooboise208  (hit him up for an appointment!! Let him know I sent ya!)

#newink cr: @tattooboise208 (hit him up for an appointment!! Let him know I sent ya!)

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Agreement Number 3!
Don't make assumptions.

This one is so interconnected with the first two Agreements it blows my mind 🤯

Be impeccable with your word & Don't take things personal, in case we need a little reminder.

But seriously that first one talks about the magic of words. Jumping to assumptions takes away our ability of using that magic. So it's a disservice to ourselves and others.

In my last post I mentioned having that ridiculous conversation in my own head with someone that I have never met. Those kind of mental habits are a direct correlation to taking things personal. Giving ourselves an inflated and distorted perspective of our own importance.

That gal had absolutely no idea who I am. But what she said hit home. And my brain assumes, because of years of conditioning and habits, that it needs to defend itself.

The amount of time, energy, and effort put in to things that aren't helping to create momentum in the direction we want to go, might be a misuse of resources.

A wave never apologizes for doing what a wave does. A wave never has to make assumptions. A wave never takes anything personal.

I might not have any control over the waves but I can grab a board and get to know the waves a little better.