The universe seems to be...


The universe seems to be a constant process of putting together the patterns that you choose.

I've been talking with a friend about life being a journey. I want to share a bit of our conversation with all of you.

She said (In reply to me saying I wasn't so sure about roads or predestination.) "Maybe not a road but like your journey, think of your true, authentic self as a destination. And your entire life, you’ve been going through trials and tribulations, learning and growing or taking from what’s happened. Or, digging yourself deeper.. falling down and refusing to get back up, tripping over every bump.

Repeating the same cycle (also karmic) until you’ve learned the lesson the universe is trying to teach you." 

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Dropping some heavy stuff on me got me like 🤯🤯🤯 lol

I replied "But what if our own inability of being anything other than our true and authentic self is the lesson? 
And that the journey is us trying to convince ourselves that that lesson is untrue. That we aren't already 'That'
And that the means of death (Life itself) is just too sweet."

And she hits me with this "BUTTTTT What if accepting that you’re not that is just taking another step in becoming that? Accepting the vulnerability of being true and authentic to yourself? No matter what that means to you. Because I think the journey is whatever you decide it to be. Untrue or not. Accepting of what is and isn’t about yourself and loving all of those parts. Leading them to be, True and authentic." 

The conversations with depth are what I crave. Thank you if you have ever let me dive into your mind