Agreement Number Four


Sooo Agreement Four? Always do your best.

I like how the author pointed out that our best is different when we first wake verses when we are getting ready for bed. And even how our best when we are sober is different then our best when we are drunk.

All these Agreements, Be impeccable with your word, Don't take anything personal, Don't make assumptions. They are going to be an overnight kind of transformation.

It could take 30 seconds or 30 years. But what kind of agreements have we made with ourselves already that we would need to let fall away to adopt these new ones?

There are a million different scenarios that I can think of that would be in direct conflict between these new agreements and the agreements that have developed over time.

All of those conflicting agreements could totally be the stick that we use to beat ourselves with.

A pot where guilt and shame can be brewed and stewed bubbling up with toxin vapors. But this gentle reminder to always do our best is a suggestion to be kind to ourselves and others.

Take things case by case. Allow ourselves the opportunity for introspection and reflection from a non judgmental vantage point.

The opinion and the judge have the power we offer them. If they have power it's because we gave it to them.

So be kind. And always do your best.