What is the deal with the Klever Design?

So here is the deal. It has recently started getting nice enough to get out on my paddle board more often. I had to swoop up another one of those Idaho Invasive Species stickers for this season. So I stopped by  Idaho River Sports , a local river sports shop here in Boise, Idaho. I grabbed a few things while I was there. One of the things that I picked up was a Kavu KLEAR ABOVE hat. And I literally said out loud “Klear above? Spelled with a K? Huh that is super clever!” Then I immediately  said “Ohhh man I am going to make a hat that says ‘Klever’ Clever with a K!”

I started to chuckle a little bit to myself and went home and started working on a design. So far I have two designs and I am working on a couple others.

When I first started this blog I thought that DOPELESS NOT HOPELESS was super clever. 

I run this website because I  am passionate about writing. I have tried a few different approaches to how I allow myself to have a voice. I am a lot more involved on my social media platforms, Instagram in particular. But I would like to be able to devote more time to the website. To be able to that I need to be able to have the website bringing in some income. If you have ever ran a website or a blog you probably know that it can be costly. So i have added a few items that my audience can purchase to help support me with this website. I am sure that I will add more hats and shirt designs as time goes on. But just know that I am just trying to add more value to the people that I get to connect with. I believe that with one person a whisper can become a roar. so help my whisper be heard by more people! tell your friends about the Klever hats. Tell your friends about the Dopeless Not Hopless guy!