Recovery Found Me

I've had several people ask me lately how it was that I sought/found recovery. And this is what I've been telling them l.

I had been struggling for a long time and didn't know there was another way to live. 

You know how the circles we keep play a huge part in the vicious cycle of addiction? 

Every single person I knew, aside from family, (for the most part) but more so who I chose to surround myself with, all drank like I drank or used drugs like I used drugs. 
My poison was oppiates. I had gotten off it a few times over the years but the big and bad Alcohol had always been a common denominator.

I didn't know that I didn't have to go to bed every night hoping to not wake up the next morning. And that had been my norm for a long time. Always trying to figure out some kind of external solution for an internal problem. 

I actually had the strong encouragement from the idaho state court system. And it saved my life. I had the opportunity to do the Ada county drug court drug and alcohol treatment program. And to have my felony possession charges dismissed after completion. 

Since I completed that I have just been building a life that drugs and booze always promised but never delivered.