Tony Robbins quote

Those who seek, Find.

Money won't make you happy. But niether will being broke! I've tried the "Being Broke" experiment.


If you aren't sure your own worth, your own value, what you bring to the table, the universe will bring you that same level of uncertainty.


I'm not suggesting that we need to be rich monetarily. This is the definition of rich [rich]

adjective, rich·er, rich·est.

having wealth or great possessions; abundantly supplied with resources, means, or funds; wealthy:

There is a big part of that definition that stands out to me. "Abundantly supplied with resources" and it reminds me of the @tonyrobbins Quote "If we are not succesful, it is not because we lack resources, it's because we lack resourcefulness."


There are sooooo many resources available to us in this day and age. To say they are abundant would be an understatement. But they aren't going to just fall into our lap. We have to go out and go after it. Those who seek, find. What are you going to seek today?