I want to tell you all about Lotusware!

Apparel that isn’t just clothing that is comfy but it is a form of expression.



As they say, my daily dose of mindfulness. I get to share my discovery of the no-cost cure-all, that actually works, with everyone I see!


And then the cure to doubt?


Throw out the UBT in DOUBT and DO! 


Lotusware and I are on a mission to share our experience with addiction and struggles with mental illness. We have found hope and joy on our journey.

Have you ever heard the “Hold On Pain Ends” acronym for “H.O.P.E.”?

That pain, that struggle of holding on, taking one step at a time putting one foot in front of the other, has given us strength and courage. That “H.O.P.E” acronym has transformed and evolved, just as we have, over time and now means “Helping Other People Evolve”

I am proud to be working with them! We both are devoted to breaking the stigma of mental illness and addiction. I am also stoked to tell you all that Lotusware has provided my readers with a discount code! 

It’s DAWAYNE10 for 10% off entire order! 

Recovery is possible! Whether through medicine, therapy, 12-step programs, or rehabilitation centers or a combination of approaches. Lotusware and I want to help people gain physical and emotional sobriety, an overall sense of holistic wellness. We CAN make an impact and save lives by simply removing the guilt and shame associated with mental illness and addiction. While acknowledging the need for personal accountability.

Lotusware is doing their part and is donating 10% of all proceeds to Shatterproof, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the devastation that addiction causes families. 

Click the icon below to learn more about shatterproof

Click the icon below to learn more about shatterproof