AUK Apparel

At the young age of 20 years old I was incarcerated. I was released at age of 26 (July 2018).

While incarcerated I had plenty of time to reflect on the decisions I had previously made and the lifestyle I was living.

I chose to embrace the incarceration as a blessing in disguise and better myself and better educate myself. Throughout the 6 years of my incarceration I attended many classes, read books, and even some dictionaries.

During this time is where I first learned of The Great Auk. A bird that went extinct in 1844, due to being clubbed to death for its fur and eggs which was auctioned off for money.


After further research about this bird I decided that this bird would be a great representation of myself and the rebirth of this bird would represent my rebirth into society.

After coming home in July I struggled daily with adjustment to society, all the changes, and how to survive while continuing to find myself.


Auk Apparel has been in my mind as my personal mission. I worked hard to find a job and to be able to support my day to day life. Also to continue on a path of good, new, reborn and better than before.

Now I have come to a point where I am able to begin the launch of AUK apparel and can’t even begin to explain the excitement that overcomes me. This dream is becoming reality, and is still hard for me to grasp it is actually happening.

There have been so many rough times from my past, from childhood, and then my incarceration, that not even in my wildest dreams could I have imagined being who I am today. I never could have imagined being someone that I was proud of.


I want this clothing line to not only represent my rebirth, but to show everyone no matter your past and no matter your mistakes you can always create a successful future. Your past does not define who you are today,. You decide who you want to be tomorrow.

I would love to connect with you! Check out my Instagram @AUKAPPAREL and message me to find out more ways to support our mission and to purchase your new AUK Apparel!