Addicts poem-Vanessa Cannella

 I seen the Light 🙏

Let me take you back,
to when I was a little Girl
I was happy, I was free,
I was on top of the World
Then a couple years later,
Lost my Spirit, Turned to Anger
I wanna block it out,
I don't want to Remember,
But that's not how it works,
And it ate me inside
I want that little girl back
but, she's dead, Not Alive
Something take the Pain,
I wanna numb myself Out
I hate my Thoughts,
It ain't nothing but Doubts
I found my true Love,
And it started with Pills
I thought I was set,
Til I started getting Chills
Then, it became,
A life of Destruction
But let me get high First,
Before I think of Repercussions
Now my life's going,
Ina spiraling Downfall
I put my Hope in Dope,
I got no one to Call
I can't look in the Mirror,
I hate Myself
I wanna get Help,
But my brain says Numb Itself
So, when I say I been through Hell and back,
It really ain't a Metaphor
I been arrested, I been raped,
And I even O.D'd Before
I was Killing my Family,
I was Killing Myself
But, then the little girl inside me said, you need to Get OUT
Thought I'd be 6 feet Under,
Now I'm 6 feet Tall
I will only Rise Up!
I will never let me Fall!
God let me see the world Differently
You gave me Blessings,
You Loved me Unconditionally,
Now my Family can sleep Peacfully!
You came with open Arms,
You showed me how to Love
And how to Love Myself
So Listen,
If your Struggling,
Don't have self doubt,
I really Understand,
I will show you a way out, Just come take my Hand!
At the end of the Tunnel,
There is a Bright Light
We can get through this,
We Will Win this Fight!
I Promise You,
You'll have another chance at
Just Look at Me,
I turned out just Alright ❤️🙏

-Vanessa Cannella (addict)